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What is Hex! Run?

Hex! Run is a multi-leveled game where you are in a dark cave filled with spikes, you must complete all the levels without touching the red! With over 7k downloads, we are making everyone happy, one by one! Hex! Run started design in early 2018, since then, after 3 years of work, we published to the Discord store. By the end of our project, we hope to have Hex! Run on the Apple app store, on route to this, we will be publishing to Amazon and Android devices!

Where can I get it right now?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we are still working and have paused our movement to Android, if you wish to play Hex! Run, you must play it on our PC platform through Discord, as soon as we publish to Android, the website will be updated! Until then, our 7k happy customers recommend buying it on Discord, where it is regularly on sale. All versions of Hex! Run include mods and skins without added purchases, we are also strong on no ads forever!

Where can I get the music?

Our music made by DJ Lord Shaxybux, who is a well-trained music artist. All his music can be streamed on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music and TikTok. Each track is custom made to fit each level, meaning more fun and better gameplay.

Get in touch

PixelNinja | Lead Developer

PixelNinja#0132 on Discord


Lord Shaxybux | Music

LORD SHAX#9790 on Discord


Shadow | Android Publisher

ItIsShad0w publishing


LightningTrigger | Support

LightningTrigger#0132 on Discord


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